mersedes03 (mersedes03) wrote,


 So yea I was taking a break from orgo *cough* and I started watching this Taiwanese Drama called Romantic Princess. I couldn't stop bawling after the first episode! It's good, but it's really sad. See, I thought it would be a typical comedy drama, but the emotions are so intense and just WHOA. And then silly me, I started watching the 2nd episode and dayum, I haven't seen anything like this in like years. The scenes are so poignant and the acting is pretty good. I just got annoyed with how cruel the grandfather is, and how horrible it must feel for that girl...(for any of you who've seen it, you know what I'm talking about) XD Simply put, this is not one show to watch during a break, or during school : / I think I'm going to try watching another drama now LOlz
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