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Q: What is the FMA Big Bang Challenge?

A: Big Bang artists and authors collaborate and create absolutely awesome art/vids and fantastic fics in the FMA fandom.

Usually, authors write over 15,000 or 20,000 words in a four – five month writing period. In this case, we’re shooting for over 15,000 words over five months, with an added one month for editing.

Artists begin creating their pieces once authors turn in their first drafts.  

Details about this Big Bang:

On February 1, authors will email the first draft of their fics as an attachment to fmabigbang@gmail.com (don't worry, I won't read them--I'll just check the word count). You can turn in your draft through any word processor. I will also ask that the authors email a title, rating, summary, warnings* (if applicable), and pairing/s (if applicable) in the body of the email or on your draft.

I will only post the title, rating, summary, warnings, and pairing/s in a locked post and I'll post the info anonymously so that artists can choose for which fic they'd like to draw art. 

In your first drafts, I'm not looking for a "final copy" or a completed fic. If you've finished, that's awesome! However, if you haven't finished your fic or if you do not have at least 15,000 words done February 1st, we'd like for you to turn in whatever you have. This is just a simple "check-in" to make sure that you've put some thought into your fic, so don't panic!

Ideally, the editing month should have been just for editing, but if you feel you need more time to write, it's absolutely fine. However, if you turn in a final copy on March 1 that has clearly not been edited, we'll have to postpone posting your fic until it has been fully edited. 

Artists can access these locked posts in order to choose a story. Artists can choose any story they like.

When an artist chooses a story, I will pair up the artist and the author so they can work together. If the artist would like more information about the story to help them create their piece, they can ask the author for excerpts or the first draft itself.

The artist can create one or more pieces of art/vid for one or more fics. 

On March 1, I will ask that authors the final title, rating, summary, warnings (if applicable), and pairing/s (if applicable). I also ask that authors email the final draft. I will post the authors' fics onto either a website or another brand new LJ for the FMA BBC. I won't post these all at once, but rather on a spread out time period. 

On the current LJ comm, I will enter one entry per author stating the title, rating, summary, final word count, warnings, and pairing/s. 

After the fics have been posted on the BBC comm, the authors can post them anywhere they like. 

*Warnings - Anything that you'd want to warn a potential reader from (like graphic scenes, etc). And don't worry, these fics are acceptable. Just stick on a warning. 

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: It’s something I thought up at 5 AM one morning. No, really. Several other fandoms have their own Big Bang, so why not ours?


Q: What ratings are the limit? 

A: There are no limits for neither the art nor the stories.

Q: I'm assuming that it should be a fic designed *for* this contest (ie- not posted elsewhere), but what about stories which are already started, but not yet openly posted? Would something like that still be okay for entry, or would it need to be something entirely new?

A: Fics that have been started prior to this date, but that have never been posted, are acceptable.

If you have already posted a story online and would like to use it for the challenge, we will accept your story only if you've posted less than 1,000 words. 

You must first email me with a link to your story and the total wordcount of how much you've already posted. You must, must, must write at least another 15,000 words for this challenge--otherwise it's not fair to the other authors.   

You do not have to remove your story from your website, but posting any additional parts (words/art) to your story is expressly forbidden until your story is completely posted onto the official FMA BBC website. 

I sincerely apologize for changing this rule so suddenly. Several authors have asked me if they can continue their fics, and after thinking about the idea, I've decided that continuing fics would be acceptable. I reasoned that if authors have abandoned fics or have WIP works they'd like to finish, this would be a great opportunity to push themselves and finish that one fic from, oh a few years ago that's been niggling the backs of their minds. Or even a current WIP an author's working on. 

Q: What if I don’t finish?

A: If you are unable to finish your first draft by February 1, 2010, you can always ask for an extension (which I will freely give). The same goes for art pieces. If you find you are unable to finish, it’s ok. There are no consequences. Don’t worry, we won’t come after you wielding pick-axes.

Q: What’s up with the beta-reading?

A: I have stressed the need for a beta reader in order to induce writers to help writers polish their workIn addition, I have found that beta-readers can help with ideas/plot development/cheering you on. They’re a pretty vital and valuable part of your writing process.

Q: Can I be a beta reader and a writer? 

A: Sure. That's a great idea. Oh and you can even be a beta, writer, and artist if you want.

Q: I have someone who's not on LJ to read my stuff: is that ok, or do they have to be registered?

A: Your beta does not have to be registered anywhere, actually. S/he can be anyone you're comfortable workingwith, just as long as s/he can help you correct writing errors (like punctuation, syntax, spelling, etc) and help you with your fic.  

Q: Is it ok to share my fic in progress with my artist (if I've already found one)?

A: Yep.

Q: Are invitations necessary to participate in the Big Bang?

A: NO WAY. This was the only way I could spread the word, and if I missed you I’m really, really, really sorry. Anyone can participate. 

Are there prompts/themes for the fics? What about judging?

A: Nope. You can let your muse drag you any which way it wants. And there's no judging. 

Q: Is it possible for me to illustrate my own fic, or would you rather have another artist do the work? 

A: If you want to create art for your own fic, go for it! 

Q: Is there anyway to sign up for a piece before February? I don't think I can finish a piece in only one month.

A: Yes, just let me know, and I'll try and help you pair up with an author.

Q: Can I take the general premise of a movie, and re-write in in the FMA-verse?

A: Sure! Remember, there are no limitations!

Q: Does the fic have to be a huge one-shot, or can it be in chapters?

A: That's up to you. You can write your fic and organize it any way you like. 

Q: You mention 'drabble collection' in your post, and I'm wondering if I can take that literally. But I want to know if it's possible to write an actual drabble collection. In this case there would be 150 mini-stories, at least. So, can I write that?

A: Yep, I meant that literally. I chose to do this because some authors (like me) really can't write a long fic, and instead work better with drabbles. And I've found that forcefully squeezing out a long story with overwhelming and nonsensical verbosity doesn't mean that the story's great--it just means that the story is long.

Don't force your writing. Write what you want to write, and see where your writing takes you.

If you have any additional questions, please email me at fmabigbang@gmail.com OR comment here. 

Thank you!

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Big Bang Questions

 Does anyone know of any Big Bang sign ups that are going on? Or is it all over? I can't believe I missed all of them- SPN/J2 and Merlin and Dgrayman. Ahhh. LOL. 

Edit: Ok, so I joined the HP one. Wow, that's frightening!